Top 8 Health and Wellness Discord Communities For You to Follow

Flowell Team
August 26, 2022
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Top 8 Health and Wellness Discord Communities For You to Follow

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… community is essential! Not just in your social or everyday life, but also in your health and wellness journey! 

When your motivation starts to drop, that’s where support comes in. Having people around you to support you and push you when you need it can make all the difference, whether you’re working out, meal planning, or challenging yourself to practice mindfulness. And thanks to technology, you can find community support online! 

If you are looking for a support system to help keep you accountable, share your progress with, and keep you on track with your goals, then these top 8 health and wellness discord servers may be for you! 

Set N Reps

This free fitness server has around 200 members who are dedicated to keeping you accountable to your fitness goals. You’ll find channels for logging your meals, sharing progress pics, resources, mental health, and even memes to help keep things fun and light-hearted! You can even join community challenges! 

Fitness Central

Fitness Central is a great server to find motivation and fitness professionals to help keep you on track with all of your fitness goals! The cool part is that the server has multiple channels where you can talk and connect with people about different kinds of exercise styles- pilates, yoga, bodybuilding, HIIT, sports, you name it! You can even find information about weight loss and nutrition. 

 Wellness Crew

If you are looking for a more tight-knit group with fewer people, Wellness Crew is the place for you. This server is centered mainly around mental health and wellness. Whatever you are going through or struggling with, the Wellness Crew community is there to talk with you! You. Are. Not. Alone! 


Dreamland is a Web3 health and wellness server that rewards you for building healthy habits and sleeping! Start earning crypto for a good night’s sleep or making healthy choices throughout the day! 

Wellness of Soul and Body 

Need we say more? This discord community is a safe place for anyone looking to better their mental health or find the tools for living a happier and healthier life. 

BSF Fitness

The BSF Fitness server is available for anyone who is passionate about their health and fitness and dedicated to not only reaching their own fitness goals but helping others reach theirs! One of the unique things about this community is that its mission is to get rid of health and fitness misinformation and toxic beliefs that hinder our health. 

Wholehearted Health 

This discord server truly has it all! If you are looking to join a community that promotes holistic health and prioritizes not only your physical and mental health but your financial well-being and even environmental health, run to Wholehearted Health! You can find multiple channels that discuss healthy meals, lifestyle tips, fitness, gardening, eco-friendly lifestyles, mental health, and even community events! 

Cooking and Fitness

Looking for healthy cooking inspiration and fitness recommendations? Welcome to the Cooking and Fitness community! This server loves to have fun and talk about all things healthy cuisine, fitness, and motivation. They even like to share memes! 

You are not alone in your health and wellness journey! Find supportive communities that will help you stay accountable and motivate you to keep going! We guarantee that you won’t only make long-lasting relationships, but you’ll start to thrive and become the best version of yourself. 

Get connected with our Flowell community and team up with hundreds of coaches and friends and start living well in flow!

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