Social Media and Your Coaching Business: Tips for building your social media presence

Flowell Team
November 18, 2022
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Social Media and Your Coaching Business: Tips for building your social media presence

You’re probably thinking, “It’s social media. It can’t be that hard, right?” Maybe back in 2014, but we’re not in 2014 anymore! 

Today, social media is one of the most influential and powerful marketing tools that you can use to grow your coaching business! 

It may just look like a bunch of pictures and videos but in reality, with a little time, effort, and marketing strategy, you can build your social media presence and reach your target audience in no time! Here are some tips on how to achieve this. 

Find your audience

Before you start posting any content to your social media pages, you first have to pinpoint who you want your target audience to be. Are you trying to reach potential coaching clients, other coaches, health influencers, potential brand partnerships… etc? Once you find the audience you want to appeal to, you’ll be able to narrow down what type of content you want to post, your brand voice, what times to post, etc.

Be authentic 

This is HUGE. Social media today is all about connection and engaging with friends. And the one thing that kills most social media pages and doesn’t get any engagement is a lack of personality. Many companies fall into the trap of posting images with heavy or wordy graphics, stock photos of complete strangers, and captions that are too business-y and formal. This strategy will not retain any followership or engagement! Boost your social media presence by being personal! Post fun photos of you and your team, hop on fun video trends, and comment back to followers in a personal, relatable way! 

Create a content calendar

This is a great way to help keep yourself organized while ensuring that content is being posted regularly! Create a realistic schedule for when you need to create or write content, edit it, and schedule it for your social media platforms. Whether you like to create content a few days or weeks in advance, make sure you’re not sacrificing authentic or spontaneous content or posting the same content over again. 

Get the word out

Let people know that you’re on social media! And make it easily accessible. Include links to your social media pages on your website, your email signatures, or invite people to go follow your pages on your blog. 

Need more tips on how to grow your social media pages and your networking skills? Head to to join the coaching community and learn how to thrive in your career!

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