Paula Fournier's Journey to Becoming a Health Coach and Finding Success

Paula Fournier
March 31, 2023
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Paula Fournier’s Story:  Meet Paula, Learn About Her Journey into Health Coaching, and How She Found Success

Introduction to Paula Fournier

Paula Fournier is one of Flowell’s Lead Success Specialists and is highly accomplished in the health and wellness field.  We are thrilled to have her tell her story.  What kind of journey has she been on and what led her to find success as a health coach?  We will now throw it to Paula to walk us through her experiences and give us a first hand look into her “why”.  You can also check out her full interview on the Success with Flowell show where she speaks with Taylor Stull, founder and CEO of Flowell.  They discuss everything from Paula’s motivation to enter health coaching to how she created a successful career by partnering with physicians.  Let’s learn more about Paula!

Paula’s Story

As someone who has always had a passion for science and health, I've been fortunate enough to have grown up with parents who both had careers in these fields. My dad was a solar design engineer, and my mom was a group exercise instructor and cheerleading coach. These influences sparked a love of science and health in me from a young age, which led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in college while working part-time as a physical fitness instructor and personal trainer.

After graduating, I landed a job in the film and television industry, where I worked on many exciting projects. One of my favorites, however, brought me back to my science roots. I was a producer and writer for the Internationally Syndicated medical lifestyle show, Ask Dr. Nandi. During my time at Ask Dr. Nandi, I earned an Emmy Nomination for a show about Discrimination in 2015, which was a great honor.

Personal Health Concerns

Working in the film and television industry was an exciting career, but after 15 years, it took its toll on my body. I had gained weight, ate on the run, didn't have time to exercise, had daily migraines, and was in constant pain. Despite seeing many doctors, none of them could find a reason for my pain. It was only after years of unrelenting pain, inflammation, and an inability to lose weight that I decided to put my health first.

I stopped traveling so much for work and took part-time jobs teaching at Madonna University and working in the medical field. My new primary care physician did something simple but incredibly important – she listened to me. She did a blood test, which revealed that I had many food allergies and sensitivities. My allergist confirmed the diagnosis, and my doctors thought that these could be the cause of the many physical ailments that I was experiencing. Unfortunately, since I didn't have insurance at the time, I couldn't see a specialist to guide me. So, I decided to return to my science roots and started researching on my own.

One by one, I completed an elimination diet on the foods that showed up in my allergy test. I sought out people in the health industry for advice, and soon I was eating food that my body didn't react negatively to and liked. I was exercising in ways my body enjoyed, and as a result, my pain went away, my skin cleared up, and I lost over 60 lbs.

Diving into the health and wellness industry

These changes got me thinking about how many people with chronic diseases, food allergies, or poor eating habits are affected like this. I wanted to help others find relief, just like I did. That's why I decided to become a certified nutrition coach and got that through Precision Nutrition and shortly thereafter, started my own health & wellness business. I believe that leading a healthy lifestyle isn't just about eating certain foods or following certain meal plans or doing certain exercise routines. It's about eating and exercising for your body's needs. It’s a whole mind and body balance. 

Why Paula Joined the Flowell Team

Recently, I joined Flowell as a Success Specialist, and I'm excited to share the things I've learned along the way with others. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate the waters of starting your own business, so I'm thrilled to be a part of Flowell and help others find success.

In addition to my work with Flowell, I'm still producing television shows in Michigan and teaching radio, television, and film production at Madonna University. I also enjoy spending time with my grown children when they come home for mom's cooking and spending time with my family, Chris, and our dog, Mac. Overall, I'm grateful for my journey and the experiences that have led me to where I am today.



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