List of the Top Pros and Cons of Working Full-Time for a Company as a Health Coach

Jessica Graiser
March 10, 2023
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Congratulations on completing your health coach certification!  What do you plan on doing now?  That is the question that quickly follows.  Societal norms say that after we complete our education it’s time to get a job.  This seems pretty logical, so let’s explore this route.  This article will outline the pros and cons of working full-time as an employee for an organization.  Keep in mind that some pros and cons will seem to contradict each other.  This is due to the fact that companies value very different aspects of their culture.  Finding a company that aligns with your values is key to being not only successful, but fulfilled in your professional life.  One thing to keep in mind is that the health coaching industry does not follow the “corporate norms”.  Be sure to read the “NOTE” at the end of the pro sections.


Steady income

As a full-time employee, you can count on receiving a regular paycheck.  This is helpful with staying financially organized and budgeting appropriately.  There is a sense of security knowing that a certain dollar amount will be deposited into our bank account on a certain date.  Security leads to lower stress levels which is something we all strive for.  If this type of security is something essential for you, be sure to look for employment that pays a monthly or annual salary.  NOTE: Companies that hire health coaches often pay per member or client.  This protects the company when enrollment ebbs and flows.  Some companies also pay “per hour”.  Per hour is in quotes because this also lends itself to being paid per billable hour which is the same as being paid per client. 

Job security

Landing a full-time job is like a breath of fresh air.  Your clients are handed to you and you have the opportunity to hone in on your craft and do what you do best.  Marketing, advertising, and client acquisition are not your responsibility.  You can coach, counsel, and change lives.  This level of security is simply unmatched.  If you are a dedicated employee who is well-trained and aligns with the company culture then you’re good to go! NOTE: Historically, companies that hire health coaches have a tendency to hire many coaches when their enrollment period increases.  Because of this, we see many companies lay-off their employees when that enrollment period slows or when clients “graduate” from the program.  Unfortunately, this is a pattern seen quite often in the industry.  

Professional development

Professional development is one of the most important pros when it comes to working for a company or organization.  This is especially true in the healthcare/health coaching industry.  Many full-time employers offer opportunities for continuing education and training.  Because of the nature of this work, it is vital to obtain the newest and most up-to-date information.  This type of training and development can help advance your career and increase your skills and knowledge.  


THIS. IS. MAJOR!  Imagine never having to worry about you or your family falling ill because you know you have sufficient healthcare coverage through your employeer.  When discussing career options with new professionals in the industry, this is the number one concern.  “I need health benefits”.  Good health insurance can cost a pretty penny that a lot of people cannot afford to pay out of pocket.  Full-time employment generally offers a benefit package.  This does not only include health insurance, but oftentimes, dental, vision, paid time off, sick days, 401K, etc.  Having this level of security can be the deciding factor for a lot of health coaches when choosing to work for an employer or work for themselves.  NOTE:  You may notice that health coach job opportunities are often part-time or just shy of full-time hours.  Because of this, companies are not obligated to offer benefit packages to their employees.

Work-Life balance

Let’s be super clear about this section…Yes, work-life balance seems easier to obtain when you don’t run your own business.  Realistically, you have set working hours.  Maybe you are not obligated to work weekends, or weekdays past 5 PM.  When the workday is over, you close your laptop and enjoy the time with your family.  This is exactly how it should be when you work for an organization.   Remember in the introduction of this blog when we touched on company culture?  Here is where it comes in.  The company you work for has to also value the work-life balance of their employees or this section is a moot point.   Do your research.  Make sure the company truly aligns with how you expect to be treated.  The last thing you want is to close your laptop and be texted on your personal phone at 10PM.  Trust us…this happens!


Fewer opportunities for career advancement

Realistically, this may not be a turn-off for you and that’s okay!  Your desires may be fulfilled by coaching clients on a regular basis without advancement.  For others, this is a no-go.  Depending on your goals, working as a full-time health coach doesn’t always allow for advancement opportunities.  Sometimes the companies are so small that there is no room for advancement or growing teams.  Other times, the corporations can be so large that they require a unique set of skills in order to land the bigger jobs.  Here’s a tip:  When interviewing, don’t be afraid to ask about growth opportunities.  If advancement is important to you, do your research before committing to a job that keeps you in the same seat for years to come. 

Limited control

READ! READ! READ!  If there is any section you read more than once, it should be this one.  Limited control is such a reality in this industry.  Health coaching for a company means you are agreeing to follow their rules.  Your employer may provide you with a script, program topics, talking points, and restrictions prior to working with clients.  Working under these conditions is so restrictive that many health coaches end up going out on their own.  This is by far, the number one reason private practices are started.  You can’t truly spread your message to the world if you are continuously told what to say.  Every client is different and there is nuance to every situation.  Because of this, our conversations should be flexible and fluid.  The number one complaint from health coaches who worked for an employer is “I sounded too scripted”.  Clients can see through inauthentic conversations which can stunt their progress and cause a lack of trust.  


How many hats do you wear in your life?  Health coach, student, friend, parent, son/daughter, sibling.  Do these sound familiar?  In this day and age we are overloaded with obligations outside of work.  Inflexibility in the workplace is a major concern.  Oftentimes, vacation and extended time off has to be planned in advance and must be approved.  Should emergencies arise, employees are often made to feel guilty for leaving their work to tend to outside factors.  When working for yourself, you can schedule your days how you see fit depending on obligations that take precedence.  

How can Flowell help you?

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Working full-time for an employer certainly has its perks.  The stability of a steady paycheck alone is enough to make the decision to work for a company.  However, the health coaching industry is not typical.  There are few companies that hire full-time health coaches as employees.  With that, there are not enough job opportunities in this industry to satisfy the rate of health coach certification completion. To give yourself the best chance at a satisfying and successful career in this industry, it is worth starting a personal business. This gives you the ability to gain experience, earn money, and set yourself up for landing a great job in the future if that is your preferred end goal!

Flowell is here to help!  This is what we do.  Working with health coaches straight out of school, or brand new business owners is what we do best

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