Boost Your Health Coaching Business: 15 Simple Products for Upselling and Continuous Income from Existing Clients

Paula Fournier
July 17, 2023
5 min read

Boost Your Health Coaching Business: 15 Simple Products for Upselling and Continuous Income from Existing Clients


As a health coach, it's essential to not only attract new clients but also maximize the value you provide to your existing clientele. Upselling presents a powerful opportunity to offer additional products and services, leading to increased client satisfaction and generating a continuous income stream. In this blog, we'll explore 15 innovative products that you can create to upsell to your existing client base. By taking a deeper dive into each idea, we will provide a comprehensive understanding of how these products can benefit your clients and contribute to the growth of your health coaching business. With these strategies, you can ensure long-term success, financial stability, and client loyalty.

Customized Meal Plans:

Offering personalized meal plans tailored to your clients' specific dietary needs and goals is a highly effective way to provide individualized support. Beyond the basic customization, consider going the extra mile by providing additional features such as alternative ingredient options, cooking variations, and substitution suggestions. Including a variety of recipes, nutritional information, shopping lists, and meal prepping tips will make meal planning effortless for your clients. To add even more value, consider offering themed meal plans such as seasonal recipes, quick and easy meals, or family-friendly options, allowing your clients to explore a diverse range of culinary experiences.

Recipe E-Book:

A comprehensive e-book filled with your favorite healthy recipes can serve as a go-to resource for your clients. In addition to recipes, include valuable content such as nutritional breakdowns, cooking techniques, and ingredient substitutions to accommodate different dietary needs. Consider incorporating beautiful food photography and personal anecdotes to make the e-book more engaging and relatable. To make the e-book a truly unique offering, provide bonus recipes or exclusive content for clients who purchase it, giving them an extra incentive to invest in this valuable resource.

Recipe Cards:

For those clients that prefer something to hold - consider recipe cards with additional resources, such as a personalized meal planning guide or a shopping list template. These supplementary materials provide clients with a comprehensive toolkit for creating well-balanced meals that align with their health goals. By offering a holistic approach to healthy eating, you empower clients to make sustainable changes in their dietary habits and support their overall well-being.

By offering a set of healthy recipe cards, you not only provide clients with practical and delicious meal ideas but also empower them to take charge of their nutrition and culinary skills. This tangible product serves as a source of inspiration and guidance, encouraging clients to explore new flavors, experiment in the kitchen, and cultivate a love for nourishing their bodies with wholesome ingredients. With each recipe they prepare, clients move one step closer to achieving their health goals while enjoying a variety of delectable and nutritious meals along the way.

Fitness Guides:

Developing detailed workout guides is an effective way to support your clients' fitness journeys beyond your coaching sessions. Tailor these guides to specific goals such as weight loss, muscle building, or flexibility. In addition to comprehensive exercise routines, consider including video demonstrations to ensure proper form and technique. Providing progress tracking sheets allows your clients to monitor their achievements and stay motivated. To further challenge your clients and provide additional value, offer workout variations, advanced techniques, or bonus workouts that cater to their evolving needs and preferences.

Online Workshops:

Hosting engaging online workshops allows you to share your expertise and provide additional education and support to your clients. Offer workshops on various topics such as stress management, mindfulness, healthy cooking, or any other area relevant to your coaching niche. Grant your existing clients exclusive access to these workshops at a discounted rate, showing your appreciation for their loyalty. To create an immersive learning experience, offer interactive sessions, live Q&A sessions, and downloadable resources. Collaborating with guest experts or influencers brings fresh perspectives and diverse knowledge, making your workshops even more valuable and appealing to your clients.

Supplement Recommendations:

Create a guide outlining essential supplements and their benefits, taking into account your clients' individual needs and goals. In addition to personalized recommendations, provide detailed explanations of each supplement, including the science behind their effectiveness. Simplify the purchasing process by offering a convenient option to buy recommended supplements directly through your website. Partnering with trusted supplement brands allows you to offer exclusive discounts or personalized product bundles, giving your clients access to high-quality products at competitive prices. Offering educational resources, such as articles or videos, about the supplements you recommend can further enhance the value of this upselling product.

Accountability Journals:

Design printable or digital journals that serve as a powerful tool for your clients to track their progress, set goals, and hold themselves accountable. Beyond the basic tracking features, include sections for daily reflections, gratitude practices, habit tracking, and motivational quotes. Enhance the journaling experience by providing prompts and exercises that promote self-reflection, personal growth, and self-care. Consider adding sections for tracking sleep patterns, energy levels, and emotional well-being, as these factors significantly impact overall health. By encouraging consistent self-assessment and reflection, you empower your clients to take ownership of their well-being.

Fitness Apparel:

By offering fitness apparel, you expand your reach beyond coaching sessions and provide clients with a tangible reminder of their commitment to their health and well-being. Every time they put on your branded apparel, it serves as a catalyst for motivation and positive energy, reminding them of their goals and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. The sense of pride and identity that comes with wearing your branded fitness apparel further strengthens their connection to your coaching community.

To amplify the impact of your fitness apparel, consider hosting fitness challenges, events, or group workouts where clients can proudly sport their gear. This not only creates a sense of camaraderie and unity but also offers an opportunity for clients to connect with one another, fostering a supportive environment that encourages growth and accountability. To top it all off, your clients are now walking advertisements for you and your abilities!

Mindfulness Meditation Programs:

Incorporating mindfulness meditation programs into your upselling strategy can greatly benefit your clients' mental and emotional well-being. Record and offer guided mindfulness meditation sessions as downloadable audio files. Create a range of options with varying lengths, themes, and techniques to cater to different meditation preferences. Consider including bonus content such as nature sounds, binaural beats, or ambient music to enhance the relaxation experience. Offering themed meditation sessions, such as stress relief, self-compassion, or focus and productivity, allows your clients to address specific areas of their lives where they seek balance and growth.

Cooking Classes:

Organizing interactive virtual cooking classes provides hands-on guidance and inspiration for your clients to prepare healthy meals. Provide step-by-step instructions, cooking tips, and the opportunity for real-time Q&A to create an interactive and educational experience. Offer package deals that include access to multiple classes, exclusive recipes, or downloadable cooking guides, ensuring your clients have access to a variety of culinary knowledge. Consider hosting specialized classes focused on specific cuisines, dietary restrictions, or cooking techniques, enabling your clients to expand their culinary repertoire and discover new ways to enjoy nutritious meals.

Monthly Newsletter:

Creating a monthly newsletter packed with valuable health tips, recipes, success stories, and exclusive offers keeps your clients engaged, informed, and connected to your health coaching services. Use the newsletter as a platform to educate and inspire your clients, keeping them up to date with the latest trends and research in the health and wellness industry. Include exclusive discounts or early access to new products or services for newsletter subscribers to foster a sense of exclusivity and reward their loyalty. Featuring success stories or testimonials from your clients provides social proof and inspires others to embark on their own health and wellness journeys.

Wellness Challenges:

Designing short-term wellness challenges provides structure, motivation, and a sense of community for your clients. Focus these challenges on specific aspects of health, such as hydration, sleep, or stress reduction. Provide clients with resources, tracking tools, and rewards to motivate them throughout the challenge. Foster a sense of community by offering a platform where participants can share their progress, exchange tips, and support one another. Additionally, consider incorporating virtual events such as live workouts or group coaching sessions to enhance the challenge experience and create opportunities for collective growth and encouragement.

Fitness Equipment Packages:

Bundle essential fitness equipment such as resistance bands, yoga mats, or foam rollers into packages that cater to your clients' needs and preferences. Offer these equipment packages at discounted prices exclusively for your existing clients, providing them with quality tools to support their fitness journey. To ensure proper usage, provide guidance on how to effectively use the equipment and incorporate it into their fitness routines. Offering personalized equipment recommendations based on your clients' goals and fitness levels further enhances the value of this product, empowering your clients to optimize their workouts and achieve better results.

Wellness Journal:

The tangible nature of the wellness journal enhances the client's connection to their health goals and the commitment they have made to their well-being. It serves as a physical reminder to prioritize self-care, establish healthy habits, and stay motivated. The act of physically writing down goals and tracking progress increases accountability and reinforces positive behaviors.

By offering a wellness journal as part of your health coaching business, you provide clients with a practical and tangible tool to support their overall well-being. It empowers them to take an active role in their health journey, fosters self-reflection and awareness, and promotes consistent progress towards their goals. The wellness journal becomes a cherished companion throughout their health transformation, helping them stay focused, motivated, and inspired to live their best and healthiest lives.

VIP Membership Program:

Creating an exclusive VIP membership program is an excellent way to reward and retain your most loyal clients while generating additional income. This program can offer a range of benefits and rewards, such as priority access to appointments, special discounts on products and services, and early access to new offerings. By providing a sense of exclusivity, you foster a deeper connection with your clients and make them feel valued. Offering a private online platform or forum where VIP members can interact, share their experiences, and receive exclusive content creates a sense of community and further strengthens their loyalty. Additionally, organizing exclusive virtual events or retreats for VIP members provides a unique and immersive experience, elevating the value of being part of the VIP program.

The Wrap-Up!

By incorporating these 15 innovative products into your health coaching business, you can effectively upsell to your existing clients, ensuring their satisfaction, loyalty, and continued engagement while generating a continuous income stream. These products provide valuable resources, support, convenience, and personalization to enhance your clients' health and wellness journey. Regularly assess your clients' needs and preferences to develop new and exciting offerings that cater to their evolving goals. With a strategic approach to upselling, you can build a thriving health coaching business that benefits both you and your clients for years to come, fostering lasting relationships and positive transformations. Remember, the key lies in understanding your clients' desires, offering them tailored solutions, and consistently delivering exceptional value. Implementing these upselling strategies will not only boost your financial success but also make a lasting impact on the lives of your clients.

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