3 Fast Ways to Gain New Coaching Clients

Flowell Team
November 10, 2022
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3 Fast Ways to Gain New Coaching Clients

If you want to grow into a successful coaching business, there is one cornerstone that you absolutely need- 


But the big question that most start-up coaches ask themselves is, “How do I actually get a paying client base?” Or, “How do I generate new client leads?”

These questions may give you frequent stress or keep you wondering how you’re going to make your business work, but don’t worry. We have 3 simple, but surefire ways that you can find a stable client base, build a business community and gain new coaching clients. 

Get specific 

Before you start advertising yourself and building your business, you need to ask yourself who your target audience is and what you are offering. You will most likely not be offering every type of specialized coaching under the sun. So what is your specialty? What is your niche? The number one reason that people look to hire a health coach is to help address and fix a certain issue or problem. The people looking to hire you as their coach want to know that you are an expert in their problem area. So, get specific. Narrow down your specialties, figure out the problems that you want to help solve and convey your services clearly to your target audience and prospective clients. 

Connect and collaborate

Thanks to the internet, connecting with other businesses and coaches can be super easy. However, networking in person can help you find coaching groups and potential clients. Building a business takes a community! Show up to events and training weekends, reach out to other coaches who may have more experience than you, put your name out there, and look for partnerships that can help your business and your coaching relationships grow! Connecting and collaborating can help open the door to opportunities, learning experiences, and your ideal client base! 

Creatively market yourself

The best thing to keep in mind while creating your business and your client list is that there is no one right way to do it! As a coach, you do have the freedom to be creative with your business practice and unique in the way that you market yourself. The most attractive quality to your prospecting clients is your authenticity and creativity. What sets you apart from other coaching businesses? Create an awesome coaching blog that speaks to your clients (we wrote a blog on how to do this), start an email list, make some coaching reels on Instagram… the creative marketing list is endless! 

Want to learn more about starting your coaching business and building client and community relationships? Head over to flowell.co/coaches to take your business to the next level!

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